Food Trip Friday: ‘Adobo sa Asin’ with Garlic-Chili Sauce

Blog Meme, Food Trip Friday, Philippines / Friday, November 5th, 2010

I’m dropping in to just share some good old cholesterol goodness hehe. I know I’m on a diet and has been a good girl for the past several weeks, I felt like indulging a bit last weekend. I promise you, this was one time only.. **facepalm..coz face is all red with guilt** hahaha..

This is an all-time favorite at home. Learned how to make it from my father. It’s so fatty but funny coz hubby who is not into fatty things loves this to bits. His top 3 favorite Pinoy foods in order: Sinigang, Caldereta and this..

Adobo sa Asin

Adobo actually has several versions and my dad loves making this coz after making it you can easily freeze it and use portions to saute some veggies {especially good with stir fried ampalaya} and it tastes heavenly on fried rice.

You’ll just need pork preferably with bits of fat. I like using the belly part. Garlic, bay leaf and salt.

How? I prefer using a deep pot as opposed to a shallow frying pan coz when the fat starts popping you can’t really go near it, so a pot is a safer bet.

  • Just place all the pork, garlic, salt and bay leaf in a pot. Then add water. Make sure the water goes a little all over the meat. {you can also use young coconut water if you want a sweeter taste..}
  • Then cook it! Cover it and wait till it boils and the water goes all dry.
  • The once the oil from pork starts to come out, now its time to keep stirring it. If you don’t then everything would just stick to the pot bottom and the cooking won’t be even.
  • Stir until light golden brown.

You can actually use any sauce with it. But this Cambodian garlic-chili sauce is such as winner for me I can’t resist sharing.

Adobo sa Asin


Use a couple of cloves of garlic, chopped chili, fish sauce, sugar, lime juice/vinegar and some water. Mix it all together..And voila! you have a really yummy and finger licking combi.

This is a Food Trip Friday entry.

15 Replies to “Food Trip Friday: ‘Adobo sa Asin’ with Garlic-Chili Sauce”

  1. agree, you can do so many things w/this recipe. you can do sisig, sizzling sisig, sauteed veggies…infinite ideas. thanks for sharing this post.
    happy weekend

  2. I have been trying to cook… 😀 Thanks po for sharing the recipe.. 😀
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  3. wow sis, this one looks yummy….masubukan nga! fave ni kent ang adobo and will let him try this style…will let you know kung ano ang comment! hehehe! happy friday! 🙂

  4. Lui, ito yata ang Bikolano-style adobo? I remember my aunt in Naga used to make large batches and keep them in the fridge and take only enough for one meal. I love it with ginisang monggo, and ampalaya, too!

  5. @MommyLes, after several trials ko din sya before I got it. Super kinulit ko lang si Papa to teach me how. Sarap kase..=)
    @J, its easy lang and the best talaga tong pambaon coz wala syang sauce. Para syang softer version ng lechon kawali. And all the rest you can use for cooking veggies..
    @Che, di sya masyadong kalasa ng adobo with soy sauce and vinegar hmm, its not maasim.. try you i dunno if K would like it coz dry sya..
    @We Ate This, yup eto nga! Bicol style adobo. The best sya if you have lots of pork and don’t wanna cook everytime. Yan ang gusto ni Sen. Cook a lot in a batch. Lagay sa ref and you’ll see him kuha ng kuha everytime daan sa ref. ginagawang pica pica..
    @Luna, yup it is..i checked you biko.. i was almost drooling over the latik. I miss that..
    @Kayni, thank. Happy weekend too..
    @Noypi, thanks. I will check that out..
    @Imriz, right! Naalala ko gawa nga ako ng sisig from this..
    @Newlyweds,  haha true. you’ll need lotsa of rice..

  6. hi, every time i encounter a pinoy blog/blogger, i always look for a post about adobo and comment on it. never fails. lagi may adobo post.  why do i do that? coz it’s my favorite dish in the whole world and i always try to look for different adobo recipes.  btw, i cook a mean adobo.  super sarap.  

    but this is the first time i’ve seen an adobo recipe without vinegar.  i’ll try this out one of these days. =)

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