Food Trip Friday: Korean BBQ and Soup

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We went food tripping again. I mean, the Peluka Sisters of Phnom Penh went on a ‘discover another yummy restaurant’ mode. We all met last Wednesday for our usual coffee, girl talk, lunch and shopping weekly routine. When it was time for lunch, well we decided on trying out the Korean BBQ and Soup restaurant located at the 4th floor of Sovanna Mall, Phnom Penh.

Ordering the food was pretty straightforward. Everything had photos + English translation. There were also ‘sets’ already to make things easier. We picked a bbq set  of 4 meats (pick any – they have beef, pork and chicken in different marinades) and a set of seafood and vegetable soup.

You have to cook it all by yourself, but the staff are pretty attentive and we got plenty of help. This one was a sure winner. The barbecue tasted really good. The meat was tender, evenly sliced and the flavors just right. It also came with free fresh lettuce.

The soup was a bit slow cooking (our fault though coz we picked to eat bbq and soup at the same time so the pot was small), but it was easily remedied coz when we finished cooking the barbecue we asked for a bigger pot and it was replaced at speed. The soup was really really good too.

The best thing however is the sauce. They serve two kinds, one hot chili and the other a secret concoction with sesame seeds. My friend really like the sauce and wanted to buy some but alas! they don’t sell it. Must really be their trade secret.

And the bill? The five of us were stuffed full, and we only paid $21+ which already included a big bottle of chilled distilled water. So that’s like $4.5+ per pax. This one is going to get my two thumbs up =) Value for money restaurant.

This is a Food Trip Friday entry.

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  1. I agree with you – two thumbs up for Korean BBQ and Soup!  Worth coming back to and try other dishes on their menu. Next time we should get the seats with the view! I love the collage of photos =)

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