Food Trip Friday: Pumpkin and Sago in Coconut Cream

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Here’s a very simple Khmer dessert. This is usually also given as free dessert when you dine in Khmer restaurants and I think I’ve seen this also in Thailand or something similar. Its easy to make and I like making it coz it makes the kiddo eat pumpkin which she loathes with passion when you cook it any other way.

Sometimes I also substitute the pumpkin with banana, taro or mix it all together. And it can be served hot or chilled or with ice cubes. I prefer mine with lots of ice cubes.

It actually reminds me a lot of Filipino ginataan but this one is a lot simpler, easier to make and a lot less sweeter too.

And I kinda like this close up photo. Hahaha I can’t help but drool lol!


A Food Trip Friday entry.

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  1. @MissusDilis, madali lang yan sis. just boil about half a pumpkin or taro. then cook the sago, boil the coconut cream, add the pumpkin or taro, sago. add sugar according to taste, add din a pinch of salt, para di ka madaling maumay sa tamis. If you want to make it with banana add mo na lang when you boil the coconut cream.

  2. I’m drooling talaga dyan sa dessert mo!Naalala ko ang something alike dessert sa Pinas–sobrang matamis nga^_^Wala akong masyadong nakikitang sago here sa Japan(T_T)
    Happy FTF!

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