Food Trip Friday: Easy and Lite Khmer Salad ‘Nhyom’

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I’m still trying my very best to be faithful to my diet. And I think I succeeded 98% of the time. Hehe. One of the things I’m thankful for is that Hubby is back so were back to a majority ‘Khmer diet’. And when we say simple, home-cooked  Khmer food, then that’s mostly vegetables, seafoods, more vegetables for mains and a lot of fruits for snacks. Which does really good things for my diet.

Here’s one of my favorite Khmer dishes. It’s actually a salad, very basic and easy to make. It’s called the ‘Nhyom‘. In restaurants, there are other kinds of nhyom, the basic, and special ones with fresh banana heart, papaya with crab etc. The one I usually make at home is just the basic one.

Khmer Nhyom Salad

You’ll need: Monggo sprouts (make sure this is really fresh), cucumber, green tomatoes (I prefer the not-so round imported ones, they have less juice and seeds), carrots (optional), cabbage, basil (you can skip this if you’re not into herbs) and peppermint herbs. Veggies sliced depending on how you want it. You’ll also need sliced pre-boiled pork (the ones with a little fat tastes better..) and ground peanuts.

Khmer Nhyom Salad

For the sauce: Mix lemon (or a bit of vinegar), fish sauce, a little hot water, sugar, chili and a little powdered peanuts (optional). Mix the sauce and the veggies all together and toss for a few minutes.

If I want it to have more flavor, add in flaked roasted shrimps or ground dried smoked anchovies. Super yummy!!! I can finish off one big bowl and feel full but light. I’ve been exceptionally good in following my diet so I think I deserve a reward.. An ice cream ( 0_0 horrors!) would do. Whatchathink?

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  1. Ooh – I love this!! The veggies are crunchy and the sauce is sweet-and-sour. Thanks for this post, I can now make a dish myself and for myself only hahaha  🙂 Sometimes you can also eat this with rice noodles, right? Double yum.
    I am struggling to go back to my dieting regimen. Just yesterday I wolfed down 4 slices of pizza we ordered from the Pizza Company and gulped two glasses of coca cola. Lunch pa lang yan. Buti na lang we had only omelet and a side dish of green tomatoes… pero ang pamatay – choco-corn flakes for dessert. Accckk. Ok lang, sarap naman e. hahahah.

  2. @We Ate This, trulyly. ok lang yan exercise ka na lang. Yes you can eat this with rice noodles or you can also look for the banhoi noodles and deep fry it then mix it with this one. heavenly hahaha.
    I’ve been angling for MIL to teach me to cook the fish-lotus-stem sauce for rice noodles, no chance yet baka sa chinese new year.. gusto ko rin yun kaso ayaw ng kids so bihira nya lutuin.

  3. @WE ate this, PS. naloka ako sa kinain mo. Parang gusto ko mag-burp hahaha. at hayy ang sarap naman ng choco corn flakes na yan. oist next time magtira ka ha

  4. those veggies look good for the diet…
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  5. Pizza ulit kami tonight – this time 2 slices na lang at water. Hahahah. Tinamad kaming gumalaw; sobrang excitement over the article quoting “Sreisaat”! *lol* I had to leave a comment right away, malay ko, baka mamaya, wala na talagang ISP na magpa-subscribe sa akin; e di nawalan pa ako ng raket?

  6. Cambodian food has traditionally been played down in guide books, and is often overshadowed by the focus on neighbouring Thailand and Vietnam. In fact, Khmer cuisine is one of the world’s oldest living food cultures. The Cambodian cooking pot also combines an eclectic mix of local and international influences and, as a result, has a flavour all its own.

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