Food Trip Friday: Nom Pang Pate

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Something Cambodian. Well, not entirely Cambodian anyway. This country used to be a French colony and one thing I appreciate about the Khmers, they retained some of the best French legacies – their food! All around the city its quite normal to see sidewalk vendors selling French baguettes for as little as 500 Riels (about $.10). What pandesal is to Pinoys, bagels are to New Yorkers, is the way nom pang is to Khmers.

Khmers eat nom pang with curries, with coffee but most of the time they eat it with pate. This is actually my all time favorite Khmer sidewalk snack. It’s very filling and cheap. What goes in there? Different kinds of pate, spring onions, some with mint, pickles with chili, butter, sardine sauce, and ground pork sauce. All for about 4000 R ($1)  for a whole bread, which I can’t even finish so I usually opt for just half (kanat) for just 2000 R ($.50).

Nom Pang Pate

French Baguette

You can eat it in the pate place {look for a place with a small stall like the one in the photo} and they will serve it the way shown in the photo and it usually comes with free tea. Or you can also take it out and they’ll pack it all in with the pickles separate so you can add flavor and chili depending on your taste.

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16 Replies to “Food Trip Friday: Nom Pang Pate”

    1. ahahaha! I remember nga pala you’re one of the few persons I know who can down one whole nom pang pate. at may shake ka pa ha.. lol sarap ng shake dito noh? next feature ko yan now that im reminded

    1. Luna, oh yes, its definitely very tasty and you wont believe the price. sabi nga ng sister ko the first time she tasted nom pang pate, ‘Goodbye, Subway.’ lol! It’s everywhere here so you won’t have a hard time looking for it. Just say ‘muy kanat’ (1/2) and you’re all set.

  1. yum, napa-crave tuloy ako…iyong lagi kong binibilhan nyang nom pang pate, eh, iyong stall na ganyan sa may lucky sa sorya, sarap talaga…R2000 for half, solved na solved na! 🙂 PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…wishing you a great birthday! 🙂

    1. @Hazelicious, oh you should. its a lot more subtle in the use of spices compared to Vietnamese or Thai cuisines but its nonetheless very very tasty. And food here is very cheap too.. Visited your entry =)

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