Food Trip Friday: The Coffee House

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A Food Trip Friday entry..

Lucky for caffeine addicts like me, the coffee mania is sweeping Phnom Penh by storm. There’s a coffee shop in just about every neighborhood. I have two top favorites coffee shops though. Brown Coffee and Bakery and The Coffee House.

Phnom Penh Cafes

The Coffee House has been a recent discovery and I found myself frequenting it almost every other day? mainly because its near our place. It’s actually just a hundred meters from Russian Market where I usually shop. It’s small, but has great and very comfy ambiance. Menu is not that extensive but what I’ve tasted so far, I have been satisfied with. The staff are also great, friendly and attentive. There’s a free wifi so you its all the more conducive to hang out.

Phnom Penh Cafes
Phnom Penh Cafes
Phnom Penh Cafes

Here’s what I had yesterday with my sister. We went to Russian Market for some last minute pasalubong shopping and just had to drop by there coz we were parched from the heat inside the market..

We both opted for Chocoloate Frappe..

Phnom Penh Cafes

Carrot and Walnut Muffin for me..

Phnom Penh Cafes

Black Forest Cake for my sis..

Phnom Penh Cafes

Looking at all this, I just got to stop wondering why dieting isn’t working for me.

The Coffee House

#180, St. 155 {near Tuol Tompong Market}, Phnom Penh

Tel No. 023 6969222

19 Replies to “Food Trip Friday: The Coffee House”

    1. @We Ate This, I lurve their muffins though they are a bit pricey compared to Brown. They usually serve it with butter and its not too sweet. Madali kc akong maumay so this is good for me..Let’s go ‘tambay’ there next time?

  1. yes it is really another good coffee shop! together with ate elms and jo, we went there last week, nasarapan at nagustuhan din nila. i love their frappe too, laki ng servings and the blueberry cheesecake that we shared was yummy too! that muffin looks great, as well as the black forest cake! kakatakam naman! anyway, please visit me and get your slice of almond chocolate cake! happy Friday! 🙂

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