Food Trip Friday: Khmer Crab Curry

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Learned this crab recipe from MIL and I love it to bits especially the sauce – Khmer Crab Curry. When the crab is all gone and eaten I still keep the sauce {lol!} and eat it with rice. One thing though, this recipe is just no no no for those with sea food and peanut allergies. Thankfully, I don’t have allergies like that so I could indulge. I feel for those who have severe allergies like my mom and brother who loves to eat but has to control themselves. As for me, I can eat anything and the only adverse effect is me getting fat {hahaha! big news.} and getting a lot of breakouts.

On with the foodie. Fresh crabs I usually cut in half. Spring onions, that crunchy veggie with flowers {whose name escapes me right now} usually available in wet markets here in Phnom Penh, crushed garlic, and the curry-peanut sauce {can be bought ready made here}.

Just saute garlic, then add the veggies, the crab and the sauce. Add salt, sugar to taste. Simmer till cooked and top with chopped spring onions.

And voila! mouthwatering crab stir fried in curry sauce..

An entry to Food Trip Friday. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. wow! Super sarap naman nito!!!I don’t know if I already told you,but I love the way you framed and watermarked your photo.I Want to do the same but I don’t know if my photoshop version have that feature.

  2. i agree it looks really mouthwatering. paano mo ginawa iyong curry sauce? thank you! anyway, have a great weekend! -PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…

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