Food Trip Friday: Authentic Indonesian Cuisine @ Sumatra

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One of the best things about living in Phnom Penh is that, though this city is small and not as sophisticated (yet) as neighboring countries, the dining options are just staggering. Perhaps because tourism is really on the upswing, or maybe its the presence of a really sizeable expat community but whatever the reason is, eating out in Phnom Penh is a pleasure! One realizes that once you’re settled here and starting to explore those countless little restaurants, you’d always be in dire need of every conceivable way to lose weight. Tempting, tempting array of international cuisine and at super affordable prices too.

Take for instance, last week, my friends and I had coffee and then went off to some serious thrift shopping. Tired and hungry we mulled over where to eat. We were in Tuol Tompong area so where do we go? That time we fancied eating something spicy and Asian. An Indonesian restaurant named Sumatra, was suggested. So off we went. It’s located at No. 55 St. 456.

Quaint and with a really homey feel. With comfortable rattan chairs for seats and the walls painted a bright and cheerful green and orange. We were greeted by the cook himself, a guy from Indonesia and I knew we were in for  treat – home cooked authentic Indonesian fare!

Anyway, here’s what we had..

Indonesian Food @ Sumatra

Hot hot hot! Beef Rendang..

Indonesian Food @ Sumatra

Crunchy Calamari

Indonesian Food @ Sumatra

Indonesian Gado Gado – Fresh vegetables with creamy peanut sauce..

Indonesian Food @ Sumatra

Spicy Chicken Rica Rica

Indonesian Food @ Sumatra

Indo Mee.. this is just so yummy!

All of that plus rice for four persons and drinks cost less than $15! And thanks to PinayMum for footing the bill 🙂 Happy Birthday again, Che!

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9 Replies to “Food Trip Friday: Authentic Indonesian Cuisine @ Sumatra”

  1. I agree about the wide array of dining options there in PP. So many to choose from!

    Sana ilibre din ako ni Che pagbalik *wink* hehehe!

  2. Ayy naku, absent na naman ako sa FTF! Had lots of paperworks to do e. Kahit nasa bahay lang ako nagwo-work but andaming binubusising document online. Mabuti na lang at most helpful si Manong Gugel!
    I love the chicken rica-rica – angsarap ng anghang! – ang crunchy calamari at indo mee. Rob also loved the beef rendang — pero ang onti pala ng isang order nila! hahaha nabitin siya tuloy!
    Let’s meet again next week, sama ako! Two times a week lang naman ako nagwo-work e 🙂

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