Food Trip Friday: Ayotaya Thai Restaurant – Phnom Penh

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One of the best things about hanging out in Twitter? Nah, not the gossip!! But that is a good incentive. But for me, I get to find little gems, sometimes links to awesome little known websites, at times places, hotels and mostly restaurants. Just like this one, Ayotaya Thai Restaurant here in Phnom Penh recommended by @HungryGoWhereKH.

I love good Thai food so when I heard about this little restaurant, I asked tempted the Queen of Wishful Shrinking to join me on a Thai food lunch. And were just so glad we did. I think we just found our next ‘regular’ place for Thai food.

The place is small, with a very ‘canteen’ like vibe. But what it lacks in ambiance,it makes up for with an extensive Thai food menu, very affordable prices, and of course, its delicious!

The moment we opened the menu, we started berating ourselves for eating a hearty breakfast at a nearby cafe. Since we were both full, we ordered only two dishes Spicy Chicken Laab with Veggies, and Thai Red Curry with Prawns & Pineapples.

Ayotaya Thai Restaurant Phnom Penh

Fiery Chicken Laab. This one’s okay. I’ve tasted better versions, but that’s not saying this isn’t delicious. It was. I only wish for more veggies. Also this one’s not for the un-initiated to Thai food. To say that it’s fiery would be an understatement.

Ayotaya Thai Restaurant Phnom Penh

Really, really, really good. I’m quite picky when it comes to curries and anything with coconut milk, afterall I grew up in a place where we eat something with coconut milk daily. But this one…It’s just GOOD. The pineapple lends a different taste and texture to it, a little bit different from your standard SEA curries. And we ended up slurping the soup to the last drop.

Were definitely going back there and sample more. The little we had just made us crave for more. Ayotaya is located along St. 302 in Boeng Keng Kang area. Its a quiet street and easy to find. Lunch time can get pretty crowded. I also just realized, I forgot to take photos of the restaurant interior. Ha! What kind of blogger am I? I was too busy anticipating the food, I totally forgot.

Sigh. This is really one of the best things about Phnom Penh. Affordable, delicious food. No wonder I’m always trying to diet, always trying to make good my promise to exercise daily and balance the constant food tripping. And it’s a losing battle. Hahahaha.

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  1. I don’t think it’s a losing battle, manay! We diet to prepare ourselves for the next food trip, hahhaha.

    I’m definitely a fan of Ayotaya Thai curry! Who would’ve thought that pineapple would add more dimension to the creamy, curry flavour? This dish is a WINNUR!

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