Food Trip Friday: Bai Sai Chrouk

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Yay! I’m actually on time for Food Trip Friday. Hahaha! A milestone. The dish name sounds exotic, but really if you’re visiting Cambodia and you’re Asian but not used to too exotic food, this is one of your must try. Pinoys might be at home with this one. I think all Pinoys guests and friends of mine who have tried this loved it. Mainly because its like our very own tocino! Sans the ‘salitre’ lol. Bai Sai Chrouk literally means rice and pork.

Bai Sai Chrouk

Caramelized/marinated pork deep fried or grilled with steamed rice, topped with spring onions. Always served with tomatoes and slices of crunchy cucumber. Plus their usual serving of cucumber-radish-carrot-chili pickles. Some also serve it with egg omelet drizzled with sweet soy sauce. Yum! Super, I think this is my all-time favorite breakfast here. And it doesn’t hurt that its soooooo cheap. One huge serving with free hot or cold tea costs just 3000R-5000R around a $1. The one in the photo is from some eatery and costs just 3000 {around $0.75} and this left me burping the whole day.

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  1. wow sis, ang sarap naman nyan…complete meal for breakfast talaga. i think i tried that once, and i love it. visiting late, sorry…have a great week! 🙂

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