Food Trip Friday: Baked Macaroni and Oreo Float

Blog Meme, Food Trip Friday / Monday, January 3rd, 2011

I’m three days late for Food Trip Friday, but just the same I wanna share these. I wasn’t really feeling well the whole of last week. Had a bad bout of asthma so I didn’t have plans to cook anything for media noche. We just decided to eat out during the holidays.

But I guess I can’t stand not having anything at all at home. So early morning of the 31st I whipped up these two easy dishes – Baked Macaroni and Oreo Float.

I was actually planning to make Peach Mango float but I couldn’t find any Peaches on the cupboard and instead found several packs of Oreo’s so I just crushed them and used them. It was yummy!

6 Replies to “Food Trip Friday: Baked Macaroni and Oreo Float”

  1. Wowwowowowowow!
    The baked mac looks so cheesy-creamy-yummy and the Oreo float is just sinfully tempting. *drools*
    I’ll post mine this coming Friday na lang =)
    P.S. May tira ka pa? hihihihi

    1. @We Ate This, hehe thanks. it was ‘demolished’. That was our only foodie for 31st so ubos talaga. Gah, I really went over as in over on my diet.

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