Food Trip Friday: Banh Chao

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Yay! It’s Friday. Food Trip Friday time and its weekend! So what’s on the ‘blog table’?

This is a popular Vietnamese/Khmer dish called Banh Xeo. Khmers refer to it as Banh Chao but I personally called this Khmer pancakes. Lol. And its delicious. A must try. A few weeks ago a friend and I went to a food trip and decided on dining in at a Vietnamese-Khmer resto, Magnolia. We ordered Banh Chao and its was yummy. The serving was huge and very affordable too.

Banh Xeo/Banh Chao is made of rice flour crepes filled with ground pork, shrimps, and lots of bean sprouts. Its served with lettuce and whole smorgasbord of veggies. How is it eaten? Get your portion of the panacake, the fix your lettuce + veggies, then add in the pancake, wrap it with the lettuce, then dip on the sauce. And how does the Khmer version differ with the Vietnamese version? The sauce. Khmers love their pancake dipped in sweet-sour sauce with lots of ground peanuts.

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  1. Wow, bann chaoooo!
    I used to go to the Russian Market every Saturday or Sunday just to have banh chaos. For some reason, I find the banh chaos there tastier than the shop close to where I live. Yum!

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