Food Trip Friday: Banh Hoi Rolls

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One of M-I-L’s favorite things to make. And she usually sends some over, knowing I really really like it. I can actually finish at least six of this in one sitting, but I’ve got a ready excuse that its very light and healthy..Banh Hoi Rolls.

Fusion Vietnamese and Khmer? I think so, at least the sauce is distinctly Khmer. The rolls are made of  Vietnamese banh hoi – super thin rice noodles stacked together. This one’s different from vermicelli coz the noodle is soft and really chewy. Banh hoi is rolled with mint, basil, lettuce, mongo bean sprouts, boiled pork cutlets and wrapped with fresh rice wrappers. Sauce is made of lemon, garlic, chili, sugar and lots of ground peanuts.

Super yummy! I think the sauce makes all the difference. =)

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  1. Rob and I love banh hoi fresh rolls, too!  Once you start, you can’t just stop at six, I tell you. hihihi. I love the riot of tastes and texture in my mouth. My landlady makes them, sometimes rolls, sometimes noodle soup. Who would ever say no to these delights? Definitely not us!

  2. @Z, hihi bilis ha..Love talaga super sarap noh? I like it made like salad too with beef and fried rolls on top. Let’s eat some sa market? Even si Ouwie who loathes veggies, she loved this and nakiagaw sa share ko haha..

  3. wow sis, ang sarap…pwede bang magpaluto nyan kay mil, hehehe, naki-mil, eh, noh! natikman ko sya one time, a khmer friend made it…i like it except for the mint leave or something, hehehe, kalimutan ko na what it is! kain tayo nyan minsan…happy weekend! 🙂

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