Food Trip Friday: Beirut Restaurant

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I love Middle Eastern food. It’s colorful and very very tasty. It also fascinates me that their cuisine is made up of mostly vegetables + spices and yet they come up with really gorgeous and delicious spread. Perhaps I’m an easy person to please, but you know, growing up in the Filipino food culture where vegetables are almost only used in stir fried dishes or cooked in coconut milk, I find the idea that you can turn ‘just vegetables’ into mains extra fascinating.

Anyway, the craving for mid-East food came again so my friend.. the Royal Queen of Wishful Shrinking¬†and I went to Beirut, a ¬†Lebanese halal restaurant along Sisowath Quay here in Phnom Penh. And we proceeded to stuff ourselves full with these…

Beirut Lebanese Restaurant

The menu is extensive so we were really at a loss what to order, there were just too many things we wanted to eat. So we went with the Mezze Set – Classic.

Beirut Lebanese Restaurant

And I just had to get myself a wrap. This one’s the Beirut Wrap.

Beirut Lebanese Restaurant

The resto also has a nice, eclectic vibe. The staff were great as well. This is definitely our fave for authentic Lebanese fare here in Phnom Penh.

Beirut Lebanese Restaurant

2nd floor lounge

And I just had to add this here. I so love their mint tea..

Beirut Lebanese Restaurant

This is a Food Trip Friday entry.


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