Food Trip Friday: Boran’s Pad Thai

Blog Meme, Food Trip Friday, Restaurants - Cambodia / Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Today’s Food Trip Friday entry.

I’ve been passing by this little restaurant called Boran, along St. 51 and I keep telling myself I wanna try the food there. The place looks homey, the food they offer looks home cooked and they are always packed full during lunch hours. So I figured they probably have good food. So Sreisaat and I went over there yesterday and my hunch was right on. Affordable (most items on the menu were priced below $3) and sooo yummy Khmer-Thai food. They also have unlimited rice servings.



I had Pad Thai. Love the big serving, how its arranged on the platter. You get to mix it yourself which is a great way to serve it coz say some don’t want bean sprouts or peanuts.. But I do love everything on my Pad Thai and this one exceeds expectations. I love the subtle flavor, its not too overwhelming. Just yummy. Were definitely going back to this place and try out their other offerings.

Update: Boran is no longer in business. But I’m crossing my fingers they’d find a new location and open again. They were one of the best tasting Thai restos around.

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