Food Trip Friday: Cambodian Kari Nom Yah

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I’m hopeless when it comes to cooking Khmer dishes (mainly coz I haven’t tried hard enough..yet) but I love eating Khmer food. I’m actually passionate about home cooked Khmer food. And thankfully, I have a really awesome mom-in-law who indulges my cravings. Whenever she cooks up some of my favorite Khmer dish, then she’ll always send some to our house.

And this was what she cooked for Mother’s Day. I was feeling bit blue that day coz Hi-ace was on a trip so it was just me and the kiddo at home. And so of course, this made my day.

Cambodian Kari Nom Yah with Nom Ban Chouk noodles.

Cambodian Noodles: Kari Nom Yah

Nom ban chouk noodles are freshly made and usually served with a fish based sauce – check out my previous post about the typical Nom Ban Chouk noodles. But Kari Nom Yah is slightly different. It still uses fresh nom ban chouk rice noodles, same kinds of veggies goes in, but its the sauce that makes the difference.

Cambodian Noodles

Fresh Nom Ban Chouk Noodles Wrapped in Lotus Leaves

The sauce still uses flaked fish, but its flavored a bit like curry and its red. The ‘curry’ is not as heavy as the meaty Kari Nom Ban Chouk, its lighter in flavor and consistency. And the taste? I love it. very very tasty and I like the balanced flavor.


Cambodian Noodles: Kari Nom Yah

veggies: basil,peppermint (+some more greens, I don’t know what to call), lotus stem, sprouts, cucumber and can’t do without chili


Cambodian Noodles: Kari Nom Yah

The Sauce. This tasted so good, I swore I’ll learn how to make it!

I also like adding a lot of peppermint leaves for extra zing and chopping in a lot of lotus stems for the extra crunch. I ended up liking it so much that I asked M-I-L for another set last Thursday. I know I’m getting too spoiled here. Lol.

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10 Replies to “Food Trip Friday: Cambodian Kari Nom Yah”

    1. yup it does look a bit like palabok but the taste is really much much different. lotus stems are edible, i just learned that here and i was scared to try it at first, but i loved it when i did. its crunchy and the taste isn’t bad either..

    1. @FTF, sis I think Indochinese countries have a crazy love affair with bean sprouts. I think most (like 98%) of noodles here has sprouts.

  1. wow, this one looks so yummy, parang i tried something like this before sa ngon but not sure! 🙂 visiting late from FTF, see you around. have a great week. 🙂

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