Food Trip Friday: Cheap Buffet at Thansur Bokor

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Two weeks ago, we went up Bokor Mountains to check out the new road and the new resort/casino as well as some sights there. Whenever we go on road trips like this, we usually don’t pack a lot of food, just the basic snacks. The kiddo doesn’t like eating ‘old’ cold food and we always try to eat somewhere local.

We did the same thing this time, but I was also apprehensive if there was any food places up there coz as far as I know the casino has just had its soft opening and not all facilities are operational yet. But I needn’t have to worry as we found out when we got there coz they have a coffee shop as well as an Asian buffet. Check out their web site – Thansur Bokor.

Hungry as we were, it was no brainer that we opted to go buffet. The whole spread cost $6 only. Which was a great great deal coz it was not a measly spread. There were a lot of options, vegetable salads, fruit salads, vegetarian dishes, Asian and stir fried viands, soups, porridge, plain and fried rice, drinks plus lots of breads. I didn’t take photos of the buffet table as there were a lot of people there and  I think it would be rude.

I took snapshots of our plate though. Here’s what hubby and I shared:

Thansur Bokor Asian Buffet

my veggie salad. their dressings are really good.

Thansur Bokor Asian Buffet

fish fillet with shredded mango salad, pork and tofu saute, some pastries.

Thansur Bokor Asian Buffet

my fruit plate. I had two servings of this. It was that good.

I also love the bold decor. I usually think too much color like this becomes an eyesore, but they somehow managed to keep it together. And it was an easy guess that I would beeline for this purple seating. Of course, I could never resist anything purple. Ha!

Thansur Bokor Asian Buffet

Thansur Bokor Asian Buffet

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6 Replies to “Food Trip Friday: Cheap Buffet at Thansur Bokor”

  1. Just some questions re the photos.
    “my veggie salad. their dressings are really good.”
    What was that dressing, and why the chunks of cake? Was it sweet?

    1. @kenny, i think i picked thousand islands dressing. its wasn’t too sour so i liked it. they have caesars, plain mayo, various vinaigrette dressings. as for the ‘cake’, those are buttered croutons. its weird looking and huge but it was good.

  2. Thanks for posting this. Nice to see all the pics as well. How did you think the Thansur place looked? Was it nice? I will be going next week and was just wondering how the feel of the place is. Like a construction site or like a hotel soon finished?

    Great blog. Keep up the good work.

    1. @Manchu, thanks for reading and posting a comment. The place is actually operational already bar some bits of construction at the back. The casino and hotel is operating and I know they are accepting guests already. I think its a great time to go up there before the hordes make their way to it.

      I’m putting together a post about Bokor with some photos of the Thansur, some of its sights and the road trip up. Hopefully, I could post it today or tom. =) Cheers!

  3. In the middle of the night I suddenly crave for your fruit plate…yumyumyum…

    BTW, I just love the purple sofa looks very chic.

    Been here from Food Trip Fridays

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