Food Trip Friday: Chilaquiles at Alma Cafe

Blog Meme, Food Trip Friday, Restaurants - Cambodia / Friday, October 11th, 2013

Finally done enough fixing behind the scenes to start regularly posting again. Yay! Props to me. For being so slow. Ha! I do have a life offline that takes up most of my time, and its a bad mix with my usual procrastination habits. But here we are, so hooraay!

Today’s Food Trip Friday is something Mexican. Something that has become my favorite here in Phnom Penh.

ALMA Cafe Phnom Penh

Mexican Chilaquiles from ALMA Cafe. Crisp corn tortillas smothered in green sauce, topped with cream and cheese; 2 fried eggs and refried beans. Served with coffee, tea or fruit juice. $4. Big serving and very filling. I also ought to mention you just might get too addicted to the green sauce. It’s delicious!

Also, Sreisaat and I have collaborated on a food blog called Phnom Penh Eats, so check out the full story on our dining experience at ALMA CAFE Phnom Penh.

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