Food Trip Friday: Crab and Veggie Relleno

Blog Meme, Food Trip Friday / Friday, October 22nd, 2010

My daughter loves seafoods. Crabs, shrimps, fish, shells etc. So my M-I-L usually brings over some shrimps or crabs every weekend coz to be honest I don’t know how to buy good ones. And besides the vendors sometimes knows if you’re a barang (foreigner) and the price shoots up!

Few weeks ago, Ma brought us crabs. I divided it into two parts. One I cooked sauted with peanut and curry sauce while the other part, since Chinks was complaining that she doesn’t like it icky and wants to just eat it without the shells and all, so I decided to make Stuffed Crabs or Crab Relleno.

This is quite easy to make. Boil crabs, then just remove crabs from shell and flake it. I added carrots and chopped cabbage {tis the only way to make the kiddo eat veggies hayyy!}, pepper, salt and sugar to taste, garlic, onion, flour and egg. Stuff it inside the crab shells and deep fry, and tada! our homecooked Crab and Veggie Relleno..

Crab Relleno

I know the crabs looks kinda burned lol! But that was intentional, we all like it a bit burned around the edges and I also wanted to make sure everything inside is cooked so I let is fry a bit more.

It was yummy especially with sweet sour chili sauce…

Crab Relleno

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  1. Wow they look so yummy…I love crabs too…I have tasted crab cakes and they’re a specialty in Maryland where crabs are abundant.

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