Food Trip Friday: Delicious Mexican at Viva

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A long overdue post. I already forgot when we actually went there and I went back a couple of times already. I really must be the laziest blogger around. Haha. My only excuse is that I’m just so busy these past few weeks. Trip planning, doing errands, shopping for Christmas. Sigh. It does tend to be hectic specially if your daughter asks you for a cooking toy set that can be bought only in Japan, or your brother keeps hinting he wants a personalized soccer ball for Christmas..

But I’m veering totally off ┬áthe point. Today’s food trip feature is Mexican food at Viva. Located along Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh. It’s right across Bopha Titanic Restaurant and very near Phnom Penh night market. Viva, I think is one of your best shots at delicious and affordable Mexican fare here in Phnom Penh.

I just adore the vibrant vibe, bold hues and decor on Mexican restaurants. Viva is no exception, sporting a colorful Mexican-Khmer theme. The cheery atmosphere is just a nice little change from those uber contemporary decor of some ’boutique’ places.

thin, crisp crust, gorgeous filling.. Viva Mexico quesadilla

I have a crazy love affair with Mexican food. You can feed me quesadilla everyday. Hahaha! For me, there is something so homey, and very filling about Mexican cuisine. And the one’s we had above, they are all good. Worth going back to.

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