Food Trip Friday: Fiery Khmer Salads

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Today’s Food Trip Friday entry.

A few days ago,  Hi-ace and I were in a ‘let’s take the plunge’, who cares mood that we decided on eating really spicy salads for lunch. We picked Cafe Ekareach, a Khmer-Thai restaurant along Norodom Blvd. and ordered Seafood and Glass Noodle Salad and Spicy Beef La-ap.

Squid, Shrimps, Glass Noodles, Herbs and lots and lots of chili with sweet sour sauce..

Ground Beef, Herbs, Veggies and also a crazy amount of chili

And whooooooah! It was sooo hot and spicy, don’t ask me how many liters of cold tea I drank. Forgive the grainy photo of the La-ap I think I was already out of sorts because I already tasted the seafood salad and it was very spicy. But it also tasted sooo good.

6 Replies to “Food Trip Friday: Fiery Khmer Salads”

  1. Just my kind of food! And where is this Cafe Ekareach exactly?
    Mmmmmm… my salivary glands are now acting up, eeek.

    1. @QoWS its in a corner near Independence/Norodom. Right across Tutti Frutti. They have really super spicy but sooo good food. We ate there thrice already coz gusto ko salads nila. They also have a daily lunch buffect $2.50 all Khmer food. Not much choices but what they have really is like home cooked Khmer food and so tasty. down to the dessert.

        1. The la-ap was only so-so. the La-ap in The Terrace is really good compared to this one. this is too fiery and more on the herbs. but the glass noodle.. i have no words to describe it hahaha..

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