Food Trip Friday: Fried Bananas, The Khmer Way!

Blog Meme, Cambodian Food & Cuisine, Food Trip Friday / Friday, December 10th, 2010

One of my favorite side street and afternoon Filipino snacks is the turon and also the deep fried with flour version we call in Bicol, baduya. So, its no wonder a few months after we got here, I asked if perhaps Khmers have that also.

Hubby said they also have grilled bananas and also the deep friend version. Since I already tasted the slightly salted grilled bananas on sticks, I opted to try the fried ones. But when he came back after buying it, and when I looked at what he brought, the first thing that came to mind is – ‘So, where are the bananas?’.

Lol! Apparently they mash the ripe bananas first, coat it with flour sprinkled with sesame seeds and deep fry it. How was it? Hmm, delicious albeit different from what I was used to…

A Food Trip Friday entry..

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  1. Hey, this is my nth time here buti na lang maayos na. Did you see my message sa FB? hehehe. If I am not mistaken, the Khmer fried banana is called cheik chin, not bad though I still prefer our baduya and turon over this one.

  2. @Luna, its a bit sweet coz they don’t use saba like we do. yung sweet banana talaga. =) Dito ko lang natikman ang fried banana na yung matamis.
    @We ate this, oo masarap sya pero iba pa rin ang turon at baduya. Nalalasap ko kase ang saging talaga. eto yung flour lang and malasa though i love the sesame seeds. I wanna make turon nga with sesame seeds..

    1. @Sis Willa, hehe mas masarap ang maruya. this one has a very different texture and di masyadong lasa ang saging. If you didin’t know na may saging sya sa loob, you’d think its a different thing.

  3. well, i am not into cambodian snacks, eh, or maybe natatakot akong kumain if nde ko alam sino may gawa, hehehe, or maybe i just don’t know where i can buy a good one…much better sis, gawa ka at patikim ako, hehehe! magustuhan siguro ito ni isabelle, hehehe! have  a great weekend…lapit na! *winks*

  4. I need to know some light weight foods to bring on a backpacking trip. My pack is already 35-40 pounds without food and i need food that is tasty yet light-weight.

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