Food Trip Friday: Ginataang Santol

Blog Meme, Food Trip Friday, Philippines / Friday, August 27th, 2010

Another one of my father’s specialties – Ginataang Santol. What’s in it? Santol pulp, ground pork, coconut milk, and lots of chili. Okay, just the mere mention of santol makes me drool.

This is a typical Bicolano recipe and one of my favorites. When its season for santol we usually have this a few times a week. And I was quite lucky last June-July-August we have a lot of santol fruit around.

And how to make it? I only have a vague idea, lol! I was too busy waiting for it to be cooked to pay much attention. Would you believe it was still being cooked and I already had a plateful of rice with me? Anyway, dad usually saute garlic, tomatoes first, then he adds the pork, then the santol. Then the coconut cream is added, salt to taste then the chili.. And oh, he said when shredding the santol pulp, you have to make sure you don’t make it a few hours before cooking it and to soak it in water, otherwise it’ll turn really dark..

I wonder when I could have this again? **sigh** On a side note, this made me think what is ‘Santol’ in English? According to Wikipedia, santol is also referred to as ‘wild mangosteen’. Interesting!

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12 Replies to “Food Trip Friday: Ginataang Santol”

  1. I love ginataang santol! My auntie in Naga City used to make this with extra sili and coconut cream. I could finish more than 2 platefuls of rice, I swear.

    Gawa kaya tayo niyan dito, Lui, waddayathink? Sayang, wala nang santol, but we can use langka naman hihihih

    1. @Sreisaat, hayy naku I really want lots and lots of rice with that. ang sarap talaga pag super anghang. nagaagaw yung spiciness with the sour taste of santol..

  2. this one reminds me of ginataang buko…my classmate in high school made some for our christmas celebration. It was delicious, and I bet this one is the same. I will try this sometimes…
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes, indeed, ginataang santol! My sister in the US would like to go back here in the Phils. this May because of this ginataang santol. I don’t know if we will have santol by that month. Takam na takam na sya to eat this. Ginataang santol just like any ginataang gulay should be coco creamy so that coconut oil comes out after a while of cooking. Of course, sili will always be with it.

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