Food Trip Friday: Going Green

Food Trip Friday / Saturday, April 10th, 2010

I’m running late!! I just hate it when my internet service acts up. Anyway, better late than never.. Here’s my Food Trip Friday entry..

Here’s what I usually have for dinner.. I’m on a diet, you know (haha sometimes..). Lettuce, cucumber, carrots with fat free ranch dressing..

What I love about Cambodia is that , always fresh vegetables and fruits are easy to find. In wet markets, there’s not much in terms of refrigeration so what you can get are really the freshest and the cheapest. A big bunch of lettuce leaves costs just about 1000 Riels (roughly $.25!!) and don’t get me started on those uber crunchy cucumbers..

7 Replies to “Food Trip Friday: Going Green”

  1. Wow, greens! What’s your secret dressing recipe? hihihi
    Kaya pala, I was here last night hoping to see your FTF. Buti na lang bumalik na ang internet connection. I saw your WW entry sa Yummy Quest blog and I tried to leave a comment pero it won’t let me. Ayaw magbukas ng “post a comment” link when I clicked it.

    1. yep i was in twilight zone yesterday so nag o’russei na lang kami.. buti na lang ang bilis ng MetNet. I called them last night then early this morning ayan na yung service agents nila. Eh may mga pumutol pala ng cable ng internet so ayun..

      Bumisita ka sa Yummy Quest? hihi I updated the comment thing na… Medyo naloloka ako ngayon sa blogging..
      Secret recipe? Lol! Lucky Supermarket Kraft Fat Free Ranch Dressing.. I love the tangy taste..

  2. wow! diet recipe.  i agree with you — same in Bangkok..they always got fresh vegetables and they are very cheap.  I won’t mind going on a fresh vegetables diet there. 🙂
    happy weekend, Liu!

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