Food Trip Friday: It’s Mexican and It’s Free

Blog Meme, Food Trip Friday / Saturday, July 7th, 2012

I blogged about staying at Viva Hotel in Siem Reap and though its a budget hotel I found the place to be really great value. The adjacent Mexican restaurant was also fab. That’s where we had our late dinner when we got there and the food was delicious, affordable and the servings – ginormous.

But what really impressed me most was the breakfast. Coz its FREE. All of it. Considering that I paid only $20 for the hotel, I would have been fine with just coffee and toast or even just a packet of cookies. But they served us these: (+ 2 servings of drinks – coffee or juice)

cheesy mexican omelette with salsa and mashed potatoes aka the Viva breakfast

pancakes for kiddo

continental breakfast for my sis

Pretty great value right?

An entry for Food Trip Friday.


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