Food Trip Friday: Khmer Beef BBQ

Blog Meme, Cambodian Food & Cuisine, Food Trip Friday / Saturday, February 25th, 2012

So much for planning this to be posted before Friday. Lol. The frequent power cuts here in Phnom Penh is driving me nuts and throwing off my work schedules off the track. Last night, instead of doing a bit of blogging and turning in early, we had to spend sometime for a scheduled skype-ing with some relatives. We were supposed to talk to them in the afternoon, but yeah, as usual there was a power cut so it was rescheduled for last night.

When are we getting back to normal, Phnom Penh’s Electrite du Cambodge?

Enough with the rant. Here’s my Food Trip Friday feature. Khmer Beef BBQ!

Cambodian’s aren’t very fond of pork bbq, I don’t know why. But they prefer it to be beef, and they also don’t like the strong beef smell and aftertaste, so what they do is smother their barbecue with lemon grass and a whole load of spices. And they don’t stop at that, they eat it with pickles (lots of em) and a lot of sauces you can choose from.

It’s actually very very delicious. Specially served with French baguettes, grilled and buttered. A popular Khmer snack food and available just about everywhere.

This is a Food Trip Friday entry.


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  1. barbeque looks very delish Sis 🙂 Visiting late from Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the visit too.

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