Food Trip Friday: Khmer Fish Sour Soup

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Here’s one Khmer recipe I learned quickly. It’s easy to cook, very healthy and very very tasty. I love this specially when I’m not feeling well and when I have colds. Yummy, truly a Khmer comfort food. This is usually called soup trey maa’choo in Khmer.

The culantro and basil leaves are also herbs that some might find not to their taste at first so I usually leave them off and serve them separately and those who want it, can just be added in on top. But once you acquire the taste for these herbs, for some reason this recipe is simply not as delicious without them..

Of course, we’ll need the fish..This freshwater fish is commonly available here in the market and I love it, its so fleshy, not smelly and yummy.

These will make the soup really tasty.. Chopped spring onions, lemon grass (pound the ends a bit), chopped culantro, chopped basil leaves. I also like adding pineapples while others prefer adding tomatoes. And of course, not to forget the chili..

It’s sour soup, so we’ll be needing tamarind. Khmers usually use the fresh tamarind flesh, soaked in a bit of hot water and they mash till they get that sour sour taste from the tamarind. But in my case, being lazy,  I’d go the easier way – Maggi Sinigang Mix – Sampaloc! ( This is usually part of my luggage and my ‘bilin‘ whenever I or somebody else goes to the Philippines hehe )..

How? Bring to boil just enough water, then add your fish and the lemon grass. Then followed by the pineapples. Once it is cooked,  remove the lemon grass. Then season to taste with the tamarind/Sinigang mix, fish sauce, a bit of sugar. Before removing from fire you may add the herbs if not you can serve it separately.

And here’s our Khmer sour soup..

A Food Trip Friday entry.

13 Replies to “Food Trip Friday: Khmer Fish Sour Soup”

  1. grabe talaga anf knorr! pati mga cousins ko sa US yan ang bilin! he he!
    does Khmer mean cambodian? pasensya na ha…am just learning about the culture. 🙂

  2. @kg, yes all time fave talaga ang knorr and its not just me, pati Khmer husband ko kulang ang life pagwalang sinigang na may knorr and he likes the one with gabi.

    yes, Cambodians also refer to themselves as Khmer. And their language too is more commonly referred to as Khmer. =) Thanks for the visit..

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