Food Trip Friday: Khmer Nom Krouk

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My last food features were mostly Western and non-Khmer food. Hmm, something I’ve been really trying to avoid doing, so I’m going back to featuring Khmer food. You know, I’ve been sampling a lot of Khmer food and I found myself liking it a lot. Majority of the food we eat now are mostly Khmer so I guess the food is fast losing its novelty value (for me, at least) and fast becoming like good old comfort food.  So now when I eat something Cambodian I always take it for granted and forget to at least take photos.

I should really remind myself to think like a blogger. But yeah, when these delicious stuff is placed in front of you, one tends to just grab a bite and forget about hauling that camera and taking a snap.

Lucky. That’s me. I’ve got an uber nice Khmer mother-in-law who always cooks for us and we also have a very kind and generous Khmer neighbor who always share their food with us. They usually have cookfests during weekends and a couple of weeks ago they were abuzz, all the kids busy mixing this and that. They were all making a Khmer snack called Nom Krouk. And they gave us a plateful.

It’s nom (cake) made of coconut milk, rice flour, spring onions and some spices. It’s cooked over fire on a clay or cast iron pan with pre-molded spheres. It’s then eaten with a sweet sour sauce.

When I first saw the noms I thought it doesn’t look that appetizing. But I tried one, and its actually very good. The nom is soft and chewy on the outside, and a bit gooey inside. Its also meant to really be eaten with the sauce, as the nom itself has a very bland taste. But once you dip it in the sauce… its just yummy!! Seriously, yummy. I actually ate more than five in one sitting and its no joke coz this  is quite filling.

The cooking process is interesting and looks really fun. It’s one Khmer recipe that’s very easy to learn. I imagine kids would have a fun time with this.  I checked out Youtube and saw this video on how to actually make it.

And has a recipe for Nom Krouk.

This is also an entry for Food Trip Friday.


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  1. Manay, I forgot to post my FTF entry this week, hihihi. ANyways, I love nom krouk! There’s also another one but square-shaped, with lots of spring onions as fillings, and eaten as accompaniment to lo’chaa or as it is. I’m not sure if it’s also called nom krouk. I like the sauce hot with lots of fresh chilli. Somehow this reminds me of an Indian dessert, ball-shaped and dipped in a sweet sauce. I forgot the name though.

  2. These looks very appetizing! It looks like Buchi to me. I’d love to try them out sometime. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us!

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