Food Trip Friday: Khmer Noodle Snack

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Hubby tells me this is what they call a ‘poor man snack’ {it costs less than 3,500R < than $1} but I don’t care. Call me a poor girl now but I love this hahahaha..This is actually cooked and eaten the same way as my previously featured Banh Hoi Cold Noodles. The only difference is the noodles used – teeny weeny cuts of keuy teuw noodles. The noodle in this dish is also stir fried.

Khmer Street Snacks

A yummy, budget-friendly Khmer Noodle Snack

Toppings can vary depending on your taste. But the usual order has slice of pate, pork, taro rolls, mint and veggies. Then you drizzle the whole thing with sweet and sour sauce and top with ground peanuts. Super yum! And I can understand why hard laborers here prefer this for snack. It’s so filling! I’m usually burping halfway through it and I find it hard to finish. Lol.

And oh, in case you’re wondering where to buy it…Food halls in the market. The haven for cheap, usually delicious Khmer food.

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  1. ang sarap nyan, parang lo’chaa…miss ko tuloy bigla. 🙂 visiting late from FTF, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week! 🙂

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