Food Trip Friday: Khmer Pork Rice

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It’s actually called bai saik chroeok (rice with grilled/fried pork) or bai saik muan (rice with grilled/fried chicken). I’m absolutely addicted to this. My sister, Ouwie too, won’t let two days pass without us going to some Khmer restaurant or in the market just to have this.

Khmer Pork Rice

Bai Saik Chroeok (Pork)

This is the typical Cambodian rice breakfast, and usually sold till about 11 am in restaurants and in the food halls in the market. Since its very similar to our own Pinoy ‘tocino’ I just call it Tocino Rice, or Khmer Pork Rice and you can always see a lot of Khmers buying this for take out so I guess this is also their version of bento boxes hehe..

Khmer Chicken Rice

Bai Saik Muan (Chicken)

What’s in it? Pork or Chicken marinated (sweet) then grilled or fried. Then served with a huge helping of rice, usually drizzled with oil. Some also have the yellow rice variety where the rice is boiled with chicken broth and this is really so delicious but ohh so fatty! It is then topped with chopped spring onions and a mainstay of most Khmer rice dishes – pickled vegetables plus lots of cucumber. If you eat in the restaurant or in the market you’ll also be getting a glass of iced tea for free..

And how much for that huge pack? Pork usually goes for 4000-5000 Riels ($1-1.5) while Chicken is a little more expensive, 6000-8000 Riels ($1-2). So, I guess its hardly surprising I’m gaining a lot of weight here, hmm?

This is a Food Trip Friday entry.

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  1. Sis, yes its really heavy. But its so tasty talaga so you can’t help but finish it..And I always end up skipping lunch when I have this..

  2. Oi riel pala ‘yong money sa Cambodia.. I forgot na kasi ba naman sa Econ subject pa iyon at hindi na nagamit.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing especially for the yummy grilled chicken and pork here.. I love grilled foods.. Happy FTF!
    Here’s mine:
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    See yah.. 😉

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