Food Trip Friday: Les Lacs Resort Restaurant

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Oh noes! This post has been in my drafts folder since last week but I completely forgot to upload it here. During the weekend, hubby gave me a run around, with a lot of errands. He’s not yet here in Phnom Penh, so what choice do I have?  Sometimes I do wonder why I’m that nice.  Hahaha! But then again, he always do things I ask him to do, well, most of it anyway. So we’re even.

So back to my food trip post. I wrote about loving going to Les Lacs Fleuris Resort, for weekends. It’s a great place really to relax, be away from the city, and I specially like going there when I have this crazy need to see a lot of greens. And I do love love love their restaurant. See, I rarely use a lot of ‘love’ when describing a restaurant. But they have really good Khmer food at very affordable prices. Nothing really beats lounging around the pool and eating good food.

On our last visit, here’s what we had.

Beef Koh Kor with Nom Pang (Spicy Beef Soup with French Baguette) – this one is very good, seriously good. My husband is a picky eater, specially when it comes to Khmer food. And I can’t fault him if he is hard to please since his mom is an awesome cook. But this one passed his picky taste with flying colors. In fact, he said this is one of the best he had.

Seafood and Herbs Fresh Salad – my dish. Also very tasty and everything was obviously very fresh. I was actually taken aback when I saw the huge serving. All that for less than $4.

Steak with White Cream Pasta – kiddo’s order. She loved it. Specially the steak. Tender, juicy and very tasty.

And of course, I can’t leave without having my Khmer Iced Coffee. They also have a slew of healthy smoothies. The one in the background is their Beet, Ginger and Apple combo.

This is a Food Trip Friday entry.

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  1. we’ve been planning to go here since I saw it in the internet. My husband actually wants to go fishing. Do you stay overnight or a day trip will do? aside from eating, haha, are there other things we can do? …. yummy the food…i like the steak and pasta hahaha

    1. @Rena, we usually go on day trip lang. Although staying overnight is also great. they are reasonably priced. you can go swimming, they have a small pool. We just go there to be lazy though. Lie around on their sun loungers, play pool and eat. 😀 is it any wonder, PP is doing bad things to my weight hahaha. Meron ding isa pang resort very near Les Lacs, yung Kingdom Resort, they have a steak house (pricey and only so so..) but they have more room options and the pool is bigger with slides and whatnots. We usually gravitate towards Les Lacs though, since it has a more calming effect on me, excellent service and easier on the wallet.

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