Food Trip Friday: Malaysian Food at D’Nyonya Central Market

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I love Malay food. It’s one of the cuisines I constantly crave. Thankfully, there are lots of restaurants here in Phnom Penh serving Malay food so my cravings are usually easily catered to. There’s the Singporean versions, there’s the authentic Malaysian food, Penang curries etc.. And you can also find places catering to different budgets. You can actually be spoiled for choice.

One of our favorites would be D’Nyonya Restaurant. It’s centrally located, right next to Central Market and the best place to grab a bite of Malay food after shopping. Prices are good, and the food is really good. It’s Malaysian owned and quite popular with their community here in Phnom Penh judging by the constant stream of patrons during lunch hours.

Nyonya Restaurant Phnom Penh

Just a few weeks ago, Sreisaat and I had this really bad craving for Char Keuw Teuw so we met up there to have our fill.

Its was soooo good. I only ended up craving for more when we were done eating. I don’t know but Char Keuw Teuw for me is just super yummy! It’s a riot of flavors and I like it a bit spicy with a smoky/burned aftertaste. And this one just hit the right notes.

I love fruit juices and this one’s pretty special ( I know it looks weird for!) . Passion Fruit Juice aka Markissa Juice in their menu. It’s a bit sour-sweet, just the way I like it.

An entry for Food Trip Friday.

Restaurant D’Nyonya (also check out their website)
No.91Eo ,Street 126 Central Market , Phnom Penh -Cambodia
Phone : 023998408

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  1. yum…the noodles look very delish plus a refreshing drink, perfect 🙂 Visiting late from Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the visit too.

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