Food Trip Friday: Mexican Food at Casa Lika Phnom Penh

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I missed last week’s FTF hehe so here I am making another one of those ‘we ate out’ entries.  A couple of weeks ago, my friend Pinaymum and I went to have our body scrub and massage session @ Bamboo Spa. By the time we were done we were both starving and we decided to have late lunch out. Our friend, Madam 😉 Elma suggested we try some Mexican food @ Casa Lika. It’s somewhere near the riverside {lol! don’t ask me about directions…}.

I love the bright colored interiors, it has that homey and oh so Mexican feel..

And the food? Superbly delicious and affordable {we paid less than $18 for everything..). I <3 <3 eating out here in Phnom Penh..

mango shake..

a new favorite – delicious cheezy quesadillas

tacos, tacos, tacos.. can’t get enough of you..

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  1. It has a very homey feel. I was able to taste Mexicali’s quesadilla, and it was delicious. It also had the same three dips – I just don’t know what’s the green one. Minced jalapeno perhaps? It was my fave among the three. Oh, I have to agree – even I can’t get enough of taco, too.
    My Food Trip Friday post is now up here:
    Midway Grill – La Union. Do drop by if you have the time. Happy weekends!

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