Food Trip Friday: Mike’s Burger House Phnom Penh

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Yesterday my sister and I decided to do girly stuff. The plan was thrift shopping, lunch, spa, then coffee. We hit Japan Thrift Shop first near Wat Phnom and of course we had a grand time digging through the piles of second hand stuff and came out with some very good finds. The downside to thrifting is that it was super hot and tiring, so I was really hungry and I felt like migraine was in the cards.

So we went out to look for a huge lunch. And we both ended up in Mike’s Burger House along Russian Boulevard.

Why we picked this? We were craving for burgers, American burgers. And we weren’t disappointed. Hmm, the photos are a bit blurry than usual. Let’s just say I was so hungry my hands can’t be steady?

Mikes Burger Phnom Penh

I had Sloppy Joe (Chili Burger). Tasty bun, patties were juicy and tender. I love the chili. Very much, specially as dip for the fries. Lol. And its huge I couldn’t finish the whole thing considering I was starving already when we got there. That’s saying something.

Mikes Burger Phnom Penh

Sis had the cheese burger and its the first time I saw her eat and finish a burger of that size. So its safe to say, its very good.

Huge servings, very tasty burgers and pricing is also good.

Mike’s Burger House is located along Russian Blvd. right on the Sokimex Gas Station. It’s a little out of the way, but you know I’d travel a long way for a good burger. Lol. The place is unpretentious, has a very diner feel and made me imagine I was driving an RV van, stopping for gas and getting fed. The service friendly and prompt so this place I’d recommend. Check it out if you’re craving for some American food fix.

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  1. Thrift shopping and food trippin’… two things I like to do within the same day. πŸ™‚ These burgers made my eyes go “wow!” πŸ™‚ Hopping from Food Trip Friday.

    1. @jenn, the best combo di ba. whenever i go thrift shopping, i end up being so hungry i could eat a whole horse. hahaha

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