Food Trip Friday: Nature and Sea

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Nope I didn’t hightail it to the beach. Although I wish I could go run off and stay somewhere with sea and sand, with faint sounds of cricket for the rest of the summer. I just had to content myself with some food from Nature and Sea.

Phnom Penh is awesome in a way that you can find really fabulous food places in unassuming corners. This one, I didn’t even know it existed until my friend the Royal Queen of Wishful Shriking decided to bring me there.

Nature and Sea Phnom Penh Restaurant

It’s located on a roof top, so the place has a breezy, casual vibe albeit hard to find. But in case this makes you crave for some fish and yummy goodness, Nature and Sea is located in St. 278 near corner of St. 51, right across Wat Langka.

Nature and Sea Phnom Penh Restaurant

passion fruit shake…

Nature and Sea Phnom Penh Restaurant

Nature and Sea Phnom Penh Restaurant

My verdict? One of the best fish and chips I had here in Phnom Penh. The salad was very good as well. We specially loved the dressing. This place is definitely worth going back to.

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