Food Trip Friday: Nom Pao

Blog Meme, Cambodian Food & Cuisine, Food Trip Friday / Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Here’s what a lot of Khmers like eating with their early morning espressos – Nom Pao. Chinese steamed buns filled with ground pork, hard-boiled eggs, Chinese sausage and grated turnips. They usually have two variants, one plain all white bun, and this one they call special yellowish and chopped spring onion toppings.

For Pinoy’s, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Chinese siopao, well this is actually very similar. The only difference I think is that the nom pao has stronger Chinese sausage taste and the dough is a teeny weeny bit tougher. It’s super tasty, nonetheless. Costs about 1500 – 2,000 Riels usually available in noodle and porridge shops in the morning.

If you happen to crave it mid-afternoons and evenings its quite hard to find. But I saw a couple of stalls along Monivong Blvd. selling these.

An entry for Food Trip Friday.


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