Food Trip Friday: Noodle Mania

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When I first came here, I wasn’t really ‘noodle enthused’. When I think about noodles, what comes to mind is Lucky Me pancit canton brand. Lol. And Pinoy style pancit and palabok. Don’t get me wrong, Pinoy style noodles are delicious but we do lack variety. And I do get why,  since were essentially not big noodle eaters.

But coming over here opened my eyes to different ways noodles can be enjoyed. They have it with soups, stir-fried, stir-fried with sauces, with curry, with fish, cold and salad style etc. For one, I never thought I’d enjoy keuw teuv (white rice noodle) since all I am familiar with is the yellow mee noodles. I am absolutely nuts about noodles in soup and the way they fry noodles topped with sauce is just crazy delicious!

Ever since I started going to Khmer language school, my frequent hangout would be this cafe called Royal Coffee and they have a noodle menu that would make even non-noodle lovers melt. I’ve promised myself I’ll try it all. Lol. I’m just a halfway through though. Here’s just some of the noodle varieties I have tried.

Khmer Style Noodle Soups

pork and seafood with keuw teuv ( can also be ordered with yellow mee)..they are never stingy with toppings. 

Mee Kiew - Dumpling Noodle Soup

Dumpling noodle soup. By far my favorite. 

Beef Keuv Teuv. Khmer Noodles

Beef Keuw Teuv Noodle Soup. A Classic. 

Beef with Yellow Mee Noodles

Beef Yellow Mee Noodle Soup. Topped with dried minced radishes. 

Beef Koh Kor with Yellow Noodles

Spicy Beef Koh Kor with Yellow Mee Noodles. I’m not a big beef eater but I like the way Khmers cook beef. Sans the fat, tender and with this recipe, the spices makes the beef palatable. This one’s delicious, another favorite.

Khmer Stir Fried Keuv Teuw Noodles

I absolutely love stir fried noodles. Keuv teuv noodles stir fried with chicken, veggies and egg. 

My orders usually go with… whatelse but Khmer Iced Coffee…

Khmer Iced Coffee - Royal Coffee

So now, I can say I really eat breakfast the Phnom Penh-oi way. And now you also know why its an impossibility for me to lose weight here. Hahaha.

Please forgive the grainy quality of the photos. I rarely bring a camera to school and I ended up taking photos using hubby’s phone cam. The soup steam on the lens doesn’t help either.

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  1. everything looks mouth-watering! every country in Asia has their own classic noodles.:p we borrow most of ours from the Chinese but we also have La Paz Batchoy, Pacit Molo, batel patong, pancit habhab, etc. i’m sure every province in Pinas has their own version of pancit, too.:p

  2. wow, lots of choices and more to come…everything looks yummy! makes me missed phnom penh. anyway, i think i’ve tasted them all except for the spicy beef koh kor. sis, dito din sa bangkok daming klase ng noodles, i tried some and its yummy, too. 🙂 visiting from ftf. have a great week and see you around.

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