Food Trip Friday: Nyonya Phnom Penh’s Nasi Lemak

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Todays Food Trip Friday…

I haven’t been out with friends in a while. Hmm, chores really has a way of keeping me too occupied. Thankfully, Phnom Penh’s Legend Cinema are ever generous with their screening invites so we took the chance to go see the advance screening of Johnny English. Perfect excuse to go out for me.

I think I needed that break, I need a life I know hahaha, outside of cooking, doing laundry, cleaning. After the movie, my friend and I decided to try out a new Malaysian restaurant near Central Market. I don’t know which side of Central Market as I always get confused with this area. But a landmark would be PTC Computer store, the restaurant is a few doors down PTC.

Restaurant’s name is Nyonya and its good. Everything we tried was good. Here’s my pick: Nasi Lemak.

I love how Malaysians use chili and spices. It’s there but its not overpowering. Just the right amounts to add a zing and more flavor to each serving. For some reason when you look at the photo, it seems like the serving is small, but its not. I actually had a hard time to finish the rice. It would be great if they added more roasted dried fish {my fave!!!} but overall this Nasi Lemak from Nyonya gets my thumbs up.

Also loved the drink I ordered – Three Layer Tea. And the price? All these yumminess for less than $5 at Nyonya Phnom Penh.

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  1. Yummy-ness! Can’t wait to sample more Nyonya goodness 🙂
    One week apart pala ang agwat ng Nyonya post natin hehehe.

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