Food Trip Friday: Pasta with Cream and Herbs Sauce

Blog Meme, Food Trip Friday / Friday, July 2nd, 2010

I missed last week’s FTF! I was preoccupied I think and truth is I already forgot what I was preoccupied with hehe.. I’ll probably miss next week’s FTF since I’ll be in Bicol {yipee!} catching up with friends and relatives, gorging on delicious Bicolano food and worrying about best way I could rid myself of resulting fat, but that’s life isn’t it? We don’t have internet there. But once I can arrange for some temporary/prepaid ISP connection, I’ll be back to posting on my blogs on the second week of July, that’s a promise.

Anyway, though I was pre-occupied with plenty last week, I still found time to hustle up something for Chinks. She just loves pasta, even spicy ones she’d eat albeit with a jug of chilled water. Here’s one quick cooking pasta I’ve put together.

I just cooked the pasta per package directions; then for the sauce, olive oil, minced garlic, once can of white cream, chopped pork or whatever meat you prefer, bell pepper diced, lots of white pepper, dried oregano and grated cheddar cheese. And tada! If you’re into herbs, you’d love this!

Pasta with Herbs

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