Food Trip Friday: Red Dragon Fruit

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I didn’t want to eat this coz I loooove the color too much. But hubby pointed out that nothing’s gonna happen if I don’t eat it and just stare at it and that he is already hungry. Heh. I just love how he deflates my crazy ‘balloon’of thoughts. See how well matched we are? I’m the dreamer, he’s the pragmatist. Lol. Anyway, back to my dragon fruit. I love this fruit to bits. In fact I did a post about this already – Feasting on the Dragon, but what I featured was the white variety.

This is actually my first time to try the red one. I dunno why but I always end up buying the white one. But last week, our neighbors went to Siem Reap and when they came back they brought lots of goodies. Fruits, mostly.  They gave us a whole basket of sugar apple and red dragon fruit….

Yumminess! I love this super chilled.

This is a Food Trip Friday entry.

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  1. honestly, haven’t tried this fruit…but, i had watched in a cooking show how they made crepes out of that. i became interested…

    1. @imriz, it took me awhile to give it a go. the outside part is scary looking but the fruit itself is not that exotic. 🙂 thanks for visiting

    1. @willa, hmm, not too sweet just right. a bit watery so I love it super chilled. and the extra crunch from the seeds reminds me of soft sesame seeds.

    1. @luna, the red one is a bit more juicier.. yup its a bit bland compared to other fruits but it does work for me coz I don’t like too sweet stuff. =) thanks for dropping by

  2. oh! i never thought that it has a red variety. which is more yummy? the white one of this one?

    heres my FOOD TRIP FRIDAY entry

    1. @mommygiay, yay! somebody shares the love. its comfort food for me not to mention its a really healthy fruit. sometimes it crops up in supermarkets in Pinas, in Cavite I think there is a farm of dragon fruit but its soo expensive..

  3. I haven’t tried dragon fruit. But I’ve seen it at supermarkets. Maybe I got scared with it’s outside appearance. LOL!!! I haven’t seen the inside of it and guess doesn’t know how to eat it. But as I’ve seen it from your pics…hmmm…it doesn’t look bad…Makes me wanna try some!

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