Food Trip Friday: Seafood Fiesta in Kep

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A couple of days ago I wrote about the Quaint Seaside Town of Kep. There are three big reasons why I like going to Kep, Cambodia. One, to relax. Two, to get away from the crowds. Three, to stuff my face with seafood. Lol. I know the last reason sounds a bit crude, but yeah, that’s exactly what we do when we go there.

There are a couple of pleasant restaurants around Kep, mostly located on the resorts in the area. But we prefer going to the shacks lined up beside the crab market. These little shacks are really very basic when were talking decor or ambiance, nor should one expect some debonair singer with marvelous baritone belting out a romantic song in the background. Nope, all you get a little shack right on the oceanside and seafood. What it lacks in ambiance, is more than made up with really really good food and very affordable prices.

The last time we went there we tried out the last shack coz our usual place, KimLy’s was a bit full. And were glad we did. Here’s what we had one time for lunch.

Kep Crab Market Food

buttered shrimps

Kep Crab Market Food

steamed fish with light soy sauce

Kep Crab Market Food

shrimp & squid in tomyum soup 

Everything was delicious, at least the one I tasted. The kiddo demolished the steamed fish all by herself. So I’m guessing it was that good.

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  1. wow, ang sarap naman ng mga seafoods na iyan. 🙂 sana makadalaw kami ulit sa Cambodia at makarating dyan sa Kep. have a nice week. 🙂

  2. […] Cambodia and whenever we have free or long weekends, we usually head over there. I think its the seafood fiesta that gets me or perhaps the precious peace and quiet we can savor […]

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