Food Trip Friday: Secret Recipe Now in Phnom Penh

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The upside of being the up and coming city. Phnom Penh is getting its fair share of establishments opening here and there. A part of me feels sad that chains are starting to invade the Cambodian capital, but a larger part of me celebrates, specially the hungry part of me. Hahaha.

It’s really no secret, that I’ve been waiting for the Malaysian cafe chain, Secret Recipe to open its franchises here. I LOVE their cheesecakes and laksa. I know its a weird but absolutely delicious combination and I always try to have this when I visit Kuala Lumpur or in Manila.

Secret Recipe Phnom Penh

Secret Recipe has two franchise locations here in Phnom Penh. One is inside Sovanna Mall and the other along Monivong Blvd. The one in Sovanna is small but I find myself frequenting this more as its cozy, and near my place.

I really can’t deny that I have this crazy love for cakes and cheesecakes when I went to Secret Recipe Phnom Penh twice or thrice? in a span of two days. Lol. Here’s what I had when I first went there a few days after opening..

Secret Recipe Phnom Penh

delicious – an inadequate word for this. this laksa is creamy, with just the right hot-spiciness. I also love the huge serving.

Secret Recipe Phnom Penh

had to order this cool iced lemonade to complement the hot laksa..

Secret Recipe Phnom Penh

the perfect end to my yummy meal: vienna brownies. sorry diet! i’ll just make it up to you, with 100 crunches perhaps?

Secret Recipe offers lots of cake varieties, coffee, and fusion Asian food.  They also have some pasta and I like that they have kiddie meals. Very affordable too if you consider the huge servings.

An entry for Food Trip Friday.


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    1. @Luna, yup SR is a chain from Malaysia. I think they have branches all over SEA. 🙂 When in Manila I usually eat in Megamall or in Robinsons Ermita. 🙂

      thanks for the visit.

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