Food Trip Friday: Shrimp Tempura with Ranch Dip

Blog Meme, Food Trip Friday / Friday, November 26th, 2010

Chinkee’s all time favorite ulam. The shrimp tempura doesn’t look as fancy as those in restos but believe me it tastes fine =). I usually prefer to use small to medium sized shrimps for this. Large, shrimps tend to have a lot of fat that oozes out when frying and it turns out not as crispy as small ones.

I also stock up on tempura flour coz the kiddo always ask for this often. And while she likes eating them with lots of tomato ketchup, my preferred dip for this is ranch. I have no idea how to make ranch dressing from scratch, so the lazy momma in me appreciates those ready made ranch dressings =)

This is a Food Trip Friday entry.

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  1. R and I have both been craving for seafood dishes since — well, since the last time we’ve  been to Kep. How come I didn’t think of this? hehehe. Tamad pumunta sa market kasi these days…  Like Chinks, shrimp tempura is also one of my favourite ulams =)

  2. wow, galing talaga ni chinks pumili ng mga foods…sana matutunan ko etong gawin, i am sure my kids will love this and i love shrimp tempura. happy friday sis! 🙂

  3. me want that than halabos
    here’s my food TRIP friday entry
    PS: pls be reminded that i have a new domain name, its now “”, kindly pls update our xlinks.

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