Food Trip Friday: Singapore Chicken Rice

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I like good food and I like it even more if its affordable. And for me its a joy to discover hole in the corner eating places where you can eat delicious food without sending your wallet into fits of depression. And frankly speaking, these small restaurants usually turn out to be a much much more tastier (not to mention homey) dining experience.

And here’s another hole in the corner shop we have discovered here in Phnom Penh – Barn Barn Singapore Chicken Rice. It’s hardly surprising to see a whole lot of places like these cropping up everywhere in the city. A lot of foreigners come over here not just as tourists but lately there’s an influx of those who come to work or set up businesses. And they need somewhere to eat, right?

I saw this place when I was walking around Russian Market and ended up having coffee at The Coffee Corner. And this little Singapore chicken rice restaurant is just right behind it. So the Queen of Wishful Shrinking and I decided to give the place a try last time.

And what did we find? A simple menu with really low prices. The star of the restaurant menu, of course was the Hainanese Chicken Rice at just $2 per serving. And its a huge serving. I was having a hard time finishing it even if it was really delicious.

We also ordered a plate of stir fried mee with egg which was also good and priced at $2.

They also had porridge with different options on the menu but we didn’t order that coz we were just too full. Maybe, next time. Every order comes with free tea which makes this place a really good value. And I’m sure a lot of people agree, judging by the number of people eating there. There were even a few waiting outside coz the seats were all occupied. And oh, they also sell those delicious Nonya cakes, Singaporeans and Malays love eating.

If you’re around Russian Market and want a bit of home cooked Singaporean comfort foods, check out this place.

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  1. The two dishes are simply irresistible! I tried them last month when I was in Phnom Pehn and I can attest to the great flavors.

  2. wow, that’s a good deal…i will be happy to try that place. makes me miss phnom penh more! hainanese and the noodles looks delicious! visiting from FTF, see you around. thanks and have a great week. 🙂

    1. @Cheerful, sis you have a new place to discover na. hehe magfoodtrip ka dyan so you can bring us to secret yummy places when we come over :))

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