Food Trip Friday: Steak Kitchen Again and Again

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I know. Steak Kitchen again. I think I’m eating in this place at least once a week. I can’t get away from it coz…the kiddo is just crazy for their seafood platter and their steamed fish. So whenever I ask her, where she wants to eat, the answer is always Steak Kitchen. I think I now know their menu by heart. Lol.

I’m not complaining that much though, coz their food is good, the price even better. My only problem is that I can’t possibly blog about eating there every week, noh? Like this and this. Hahaha! A blogger’s dilemma.

Here’s what we had a a week or two ago. A meal for 3-4 persons and this cost us less than $18 including drinks.

Mixed platter. Chicken, pork and fish. with salad and fries. I really really like the way they do the chicken and fish.

chicken and fries basket. great value. 

also came with a platter of garlic bread

and salad.

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