Food Trip Friday: The Noodle House Phnom Penh

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This Food Trip Friday ‘feature’ is long overdue. Sreisaat, the Queen of Wishful Shrinking and I actually went on this ‘The Noodle House Phnom Penh’ food trip a month or so ago. But life happened and I also forgot to download the photos from my camera. I should really just stick to using one camera for blogging coz I always forget where I stuck the photos.

Anyway, we were invited to a movie screening by the ever generous Legend Cinema Phnom Penh and afterwards we were starving. Yes, popcorns and cola weren’t enough for us. You know, we do have a big appetite hahaha.. So we checked out our Phnom Penh Drinking and Dining guidebooks and picked out The Noodle House. I guess we were in the mood for some noodle goodness. It’s located a few blocks down from the riverfront in a lovely old colonial house.

The Noodle House Phnom Penh

The Noodle House Phnom Penh

The Noodle House Phnom Penh


Love the simple decor, the really friendly service and the food. The drinks menu was really interesting too. Here’s what I had.

Keuy Teuw in Spicy Coconut Soup.

Fruit-Mint Shake – the exact name on the menu escapes me now but you can bet it was a really interesting name.

Vegetarian Steamed Buns

Yummyness and very very affordable too! This was definitely a treat, and I must say I would prefer treating myself to this than buying myself some pretty bling bling.  Yes, that should tell something about moi. That.. my stomach comes first.

Noodle House

32A, St. 130

Tel. 077 919 110

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  1. not really a fan of these kind of food but since I became a foodie blogger, I guess i have to try some. maya masarap pala eh, lol

    Visiting from FTF

  2. I am a Chinese and recently just discovered siopao sound like siew pao( pork bun) in mandarin. Not sure any connection for both. Anyway, nice review on the foods

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