Living in Phnom Penh: Fun and Laid Back Weekend..

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Despite my hectic schedule and gloomy weather here in Phnom Penh, I’m quite happy. Last friday, I met some Filipinas based here in Phnom Penh. I knew both Josiet and Zarah because of blogging. They also introduced me to Mel and Che. We had coffee and interesting conversation, then we also went to a boutique for a bit of shopping. Too bad, I had to rush off first because I had the house key and Hi-ace and Chinks can’t get inside the house. Anyway, it was a fun Friday afternoon and hope I could see you guys again..

Saturday, I overslept. Good thing, Hi-ace didn’t have class and it was really sweet of him to get up early and prepare breakfast. I woke up around 8 am and we did some house cleaning (hehe my idea of fun). I cooked sinigang with pork and shrimp and shrimp tempura with chili sauce for lunch. After stuffing ourselves full, we rested a bit and watched TV then we had Chinks bike fixed, then we went out and checked for some curtain rods and replacements for our water filters.

I wanted to go to the supermarket but it was drizzling so put if off till about 5 pm. Grabbed some fresh milk, biscuits for Chinks, canned drinks and beer, and bread. Then we headed back home. After dinner, I settled for a Jonathan Kellerman book I’ve been reading while Hi-ace and Chinks played puzzle.

Now its Sunday and I feel so lazy. Must be the weather, its simply too gloomy and when its like that I don’t feel like doing anything or going anywhere. Hi-ace has graduate research class so he was out of the house before 7am. I let Chinks sleep till eight, while I’m updating my blogs, approving comments, responding to emails etc. And what’s for our lunch? Fried fish in sweet and sour sauce, stir fried vegies with minced pork and of course, rice.

I wonder what I’d do this afternoon? Maybe, visit a plant shop and buy some more plants and pots? If it doesn’t rain. Otherwise I might just do a rerun of CSI Las Vegas. And tomorrow it’ll be Monday again and everything won’t be as laid-back as today. Have tons of things to do again.

I keep wishing it’ll always be weekend..

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