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Duh?! If my youngest brother would read this he would probably laugh his head off and ask  uh? why are you writing about a cinema? He is my worst critic you know. And he would definitely say, cinemas are so common place and perhaps I’m running out of blog topics. Hmmp, as if! A cinema is a big deal. Period. For me and I think for the rest of Phnom Penh. Why? Because after three years of living here without Hollywood movies on big screen… sort of miss it. And celebrate the day, a bonafide cinema opens. Complete with the frills {the popcorn!!!} and real, not pirated Hollywood movies.

I’m a movie rat. Ever since I was in high school, I love going to the movies. At the height of my movie addiction I go to watch a movie at least twice a week. I was lucky coz when I was living in Manila, our house was just across a mall with an 8 hall cinema. So I guess you can imagine my dismay when we moved here and discovered the only cinemas around were the ones showing Khmer horror movies. So that left me hounding the DVD shops in the markets for the latest movies. But the experience is not the same, and yeah, it kinda needles that I’m watching a pirated film. This is really enough for me to think that I was living under a rock.

When I heard that a cinema was opening in City Mall here in Phnom Penh, my reaction was, ‘Are you for real?!’  Then a friend said, yes, its for real. Cue for a happy dance from me. Hehehe. Legend Cinema is located at the 3rd floor {right beside the food court} of City Mall, Monireth St., Sangkat Veal Vong, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh. A friend and I got an invite for the media screening of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and you guessed right! We were giddy with excitement, {you know not just because we’ll be seeing James Franco on big screen..although that’s a great incentive}, but we get to experience the the latest talk of the town.

Legend Cinemas Phnom Penh - Lobby

Legend Cinemas Phnom Penh - Lobby

And I was surely in for a pleasant surprise. Here’s what I liked:

  • Well lit and well appointed lobby.
  • Lounge seats for those waiting for their screening to start.
  • No long queues. {or perhaps we went during the early part of the day? and it was weekday?}
  • Friendly and accommodating cashiers.
  • Affordable snacks although the choices are a bit limited.  But the caramel popcorn was yummy {it even deserves a post of its own, sigh!}
  • Clean screening hall.
  • Well groomed ushers – I actually thought I was seeing Matrix doubles when I saw their uniforms. Hahaha. But they do look nice.
  • Good sound proofing.
  • Seats were comfy.
  • Sound quality was superb.
  • And the movie was great!
  •  And oh, they have 2D and 3D Screenings and also several types of seats you can choose from.
Legend Cinemas Phnom Penh - Lobby
There are a couple of things I was disappointed with, but these are minor and I know that Legend Cinemas has been operating for just a month or so, so I think they are still ironing out the kinks and checking out what works or not. But overall, it was a great experience. One that would probably turn into an addiction for me hahaha.. To Legend Cinemas, you guys rock! Thanks for bringing Hollywood to Phnom Penh and do keep on improving.
Legend Cinemas Phnom Penh
the huge popcorn…called Fluffy. Just so you know, I didn’t eat this alone. I shared with a friend. Honest. You can ask Sreisaat.
Legend Cinemas Phnom Penh
Learn more about Legend Cinemas, visit their Facebook Page  or check out their website – If you, dear readers, are itching to have your fill of Hollywood movies, or you just need some R&R and sometime with your family, a visit to Legend Cinemas is one activity I would really recommend.
Disclosure:  Legend Cinema has provided us tickets and snacks for this screening as part of their media screening event.

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  1. Yes, that humungous bag was shared between us, no kidding, people. Shared popcorn aside, it was great watching the movie with you, manay. The whole Legend Cinema experience was awesome and even more awesome because we watched a James Franco movie together 😉
    Mine is still in draft because I had to be somewhere for an important activity with the kids (not mine, but Aziza’s, hahaha) this week. Will try to post it over the weekend. By the way, I love the efx that you did on the photo !

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  3. hey! i just checked my blog stats and had 5 visitors from your site. thought of dropping to say hi. =) i didn’t read your entry yet. i’ll visit you again soon.

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