Get Pampered: Champei Spa in St. 57

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There are lots of places to get pampered here in Phnom Penh. Just take a walk around the riverfront or Boeung Keng Kang I area and you’d see a spa in almost every corner or street. I haven’t settled yet on a favorite place to go for massages so I’m always trying out different places.

One of the many places I’ve tried is Champei Spa along St. 57 (they have another branch somewhere in BKK also). I went there on a whim. I was having some back and shoulder pains and decided to have their Signature Champei Massage.

Champei Spa Phnom Penh

I actually prefer to go to spas in the mornings and I went to Champei Spa around 10 am. And while they were open for over an hour already, I had to wait a bit because they were still organizing things. Anyway, I waited on their nicely appointed lounge and they served me tea.

Champei Spa Phnom Penh

They led me upstairs and the place was decorated in wood. Lovely really, but it was dark so I was left a bit spooked. The massage room I was shown to was spacious and equipped with an equally spacious bathroom. I do wish I’d have taken more pics but my back was seriously killing me, all I thought about was lying down and getting massaged.

Champei Spa Phnom Penh

I must comment though the room with its hot pink paint is not really conducive to relaxation. But the massage bed was comfy and the sheets and towels clean. The signature Champei massage was okay. Nothing spectacular but I also found myself relaxing. It did relieve the tensed neck and back. I was hoping this would be ‘harder’, firmer massage as its described as combination traditional and deep tissue massage, but I find it just similar to other relaxing aromatherapy massages in other spas.

The facilities were fine, a bit quirky in some areas but some areas were dark. The staff were friendly too. Not exactly a standout place since I found the massage price of $20 for 60 min steep compared to other spas. Still, this spa is on my list. Perhaps I’ll try it out again for other massages and salon services. Their Japanese Atsuko-Massage Style looks interesting.

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