In Manila..

Philippines, Travel Time / Monday, July 12th, 2010

Chinks and I left Phnom Penh last Tuesday, July 6th. We made a brief stop in Singapore just so Chinks could hop on the Singapore flyer (photos when I’m less lazy to sort it out :P) and for me to walk around a mall. We ended up in Suntec City and wandered there aimlessly. And one thing I love doing in Singapore is to eat in hawker centers and that’s exactly what we did in our limited time there. Eat and eat lol!

Then we took a plane to Manila, stayed a day and thank God I was too tired to go malling otherwise it’ll be another bomb on my wallet! Haha this vacation is starting to get costly, I keep wishing I have some padlocks on my wallet to keep me from spending too much! Anyway, after staying with my brother for a day, we flew again to Legazpi to my parents house. Then after resting for a day, I flew back to Manila to do a gazillion errands. I’m just halfway through it and tonight I decided to give myself sometime to browse the malls and shops..

I also bought myself a netbook yesterday and I was just ecstatically happy coz I had perfect timing! Asus had a back to school promo and I got a whole lot of freebies, cash discount! Really really good value for my money!

One thing, I could say, Manila is as I remember. Crowded, chaotic, hard on the wallet if you stray in malls, and I just love people watching here. Lots of yuppies with bold fashion sense. =) Glad I’m back though I’m missing Phnom Penh too..

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